Travelling by air is very beneficial in many ways, but the many hours spent in it can be very boring for many people. In order not to get too bored during the trip, there are some things you can do to keep yourself busy. Read on to find out how to keep yourself busy.

Tips on how not to get bored on a plane trip

The first thing you can do to pass the time on your plane trip is to listen to good music. Listening to a few songs by your favourite artists while closing your eyes to enjoy them will do you a world of good. Apart from that, you can also eat some food to enjoy yourself and why not fall asleep after you are full. Then you can play hand spinner or chat with your neighbour. Exchanging a few words with the person next to you to get to know them better will help you pass the time. Apart from that, you can take pictures of the sky or of your sleeping neighbour. Some pictures of the sky with a beautiful sunset will serve as a souvenir afterwards. Finally, you can meditate on life or write a letter that you will read again years later.

What are the advantages of travelling by air?

Travelling by air offers you several advantages over all other means of transport. The first advantage of travelling by plane is its speed. Indeed, the cruising speed of a plane is three times faster than the speed of a fast train. Secondly, air travel offers a certain amount of safety. According to a study, air travel is 44 times safer than other means of transport. Moreover, air travel does not expose you to traffic jams as is the case with other means of transport. Finally, the plane offers you a certain comfort that you will not find in other means of transport.