In order to keep busy or to show your creative skills, some activities can be done manually. You want to do some creative things, but you don’t know what to do exactly. Read on to find out what activities you can do at home manually.

Manual activities that an adult can do at home

There are many different activities you can do at home based on your inspiration and imagination. First of all, you can try painting or drawing. All you need is a sheet of paper or canvas, paint, brushes, pens and pencils or markers. Once you have started, let your imagination run wild. Reproduce your favourite works, starting with the easy ones. Then you can make natural candles yourself, adding your favourite scents and decorating them as you like with glitter. You can do this by recycling your old glass jars and adding wax, natural dyes and essential oils. You can also let your DIY soul express itself by making new small pieces of furniture. For example, you can make a coffee table, a sofa from wooden pallets or shelves from wine boxes. Apart from these activities, you can also try your hand at customising some clothes, cushions and curtains or embroidering in cross-stitch and ribbon. Finally, you can create board games such as checkers or Mikado.

What are the benefits of arts and crafts for the brain?

Arts and crafts have several benefits for the brain, as several studies have shown that these activities are a great help and a natural therapy to fight stress and depression. First of all, these activities promote the release of pleasure hormones in the brain of the person doing them, a state of well-being and relaxation. In addition, when practised regularly during childhood, they improve psychomotor skills. Finally, they fight against brain degeneration and allow for self-confidence.